Chris James Chief Technology Officer at Gold-i
Chris James Chief Technology Officer at Gold-i

Gold-i accelerates development of Matrix

Following recent announcements about the expansion of Gold-i’s development team, e-Forex spoke to Chris James, Chief Technology Officer at Gold-i to find out more about the innovative FinTech company’s current product development focus and future plans.

Why has Gold-i decided to increase its development team?

We are seeing significant interest from brokers and financial entities worldwide for our Matrix product which provides an enhanced way of accessing and managing the best multi-asset liquidity in the market at the best prices. It also enables them to distribute their own institutional liquidity.

We have a clear plan to evolve the product and wanted to seize the market opportunity by accelerating our plans and we needed more resource to do this. Our three new developers bring a wealth of experience from a range of different industries and have expertise in areas such as Progressive Web Applications and the latest Angular frameworks which we didn’t previously have within our existing team.

Which features and benefits does Matrix offer to brokers?

Matrix is a very easy to use, ultra-low latency, highly flexible multi-asset liquidity management platform, with multiple routing and aggregation methods. Our Crypto Switch forms part of our Matrix suite of products – it enables clients to access leading global Crypto Exchanges and Liquidity Providers for pricing and trading. It provides a fully cleared solution which means that brokers can offer aggregated cryptocurrency liquidity to their clients and enable them to fully hedge their risk.

We have developed a dashboard called Matrix Insights which provides top line information across all asset classes to enable brokers to analyse order routing and execution statistics. They can see where rejections are coming from, where their best execution venue is and where the least slippage is occurring.

In addition, through Matrix Net – an extension of Matrix - we offer FIX connectivity for Liquidity Providers and Prime of Prime brokers wishing to distribute their own liquidity to our NETwork of clients.

Matrix is our flagship product and we continually invest in it. Amongst our recent developments we have added support for limit orders, enabling brokers to control their risk and slippage exposure; and we have also added a new API for Market Making, which will provide a “no last look” approach, resulting in faster execution.

What are your future plans with Matrix?

Our initial focus is working on a cutting-edge Margin Engine, which is the reason why we’ve expanded the development team. We also plan to introduce additional functionality which will enable us to enter new markets.
As CTO of Gold-i, what do you consider to be Gold-i’s biggest differentiator from a product perspective?

One of the biggest differentiators for Gold-i is that we have a more diverse product offering than any of our competitors. This means that we can help clients with a wide range of complementary products from liquidity management and business intelligence tools to our MAM and MT5 Gateway. I also think that we stand out because of our focus on driving the market forward through innovation. We listen to the market, spend time on greenfield products and explore new ideas. Expanding our development team gives us additional capacity to do this.