Simon Blackledge Director, itexsys
Simon Blackledge Director, itexsys

Broker In A Box: Hype or a faster way to bring your business to market?

Is a Broker In A Box solution the ideal way to establish and grow a successful FX and CFD brokerage? Simon Blackledge, Director, itexsys, guides us through the opportunities and obstacles created by opting for a ‘one stop shop’ set up.

Setting up a regulated MetaTrader brokerage can be a minefield and there are significant advantages and cost efficiencies to be gained by appointing a single firm to set up the entire broker infrastructure. Having everything organised by experts who have been through the set up process before can alleviate stress and time constraints. It is far more efficient and cost effective to have ‘everything housed under one roof.’  With a one-stop-shop approach, you don’t need to search around for the best software, connectivity, hosting and CRM solutions, for example, nor do you have to communicate separately with each individual company. Getting the set up right first time is paramount. Make sure you select an organisation which partners with companies who have worked together many times before. If they are working with five different organisations who have not worked together previously, there is an increased probability of aspects going wrong. The world of FX/CFD brokers is extremely...continued

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