Andy Flury Founder and CEO at AlgoTrader Ltd
Andy Flury Founder and CEO at AlgoTrader Ltd

How to transform your business into a fully automated trading company

The traditional approach to quantitative trading involves using tools like Excel, MatLab and Bloomberg to perform development and back-testing, while using proprietary software code for live trading of strategies. But this model is highly inefficient and difficult to maintain – for example, when making changes to trading logic.

The reliance on manual repetitive tasks makes this traditional approach prone to error, and it’s difficult to expand – for example, when adding new instrument types. The alternative approach is to use an Integrated Trading Software Solution, such as AlgoTrader, Deltix, QuantHouse, StreamBase or Apama. When using such a solution, the same code can be utilised for development, back-testing and live trading. Interfaces to market data providers and brokers, as well as storage of market data, reporting and monitoring, are typically provided by the platform. A consistent interface makes the platform easy-to-use, intuitive and productive. Excel, MatLab and Bloomberg The latest generation of Integrated Trading Software Solutions also incorporate a wide range of useful features and functions that can give organisations a competitive edge when it comes to quantitative research and analysis. Features include currency conversion, valuation and performance measurement, forex hedging, delta...continued

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