Misha Kipnis
Misha Kipnis

Visual Edge: Increasing Profits in Brokerages Worldwide

Visual Edge is one of Gold-i’s most innovative products for dealers and risk managers. It enables them to manage exposure risk, protect against toxic clients and view key trading metrics such as intra-day P&L and volumes. With customised dashboards, it provides high-level summary views as well as detailed drill down to individual symbols and clients. e-Forex talks to Misha Kipnis, VP, Gold-i Visual Edge, to find out more.

What are the main benefits of using Gold-i Visual Edge?

Visual Edge provides brokers with a comprehensive overview of their exposure across all asset classes, preventing them from taking unintended market risk which could be detrimental to their business. It also provides accessible real-time or historic data to help brokers to analyse client trading behaviour and make more informed decisions about which clients to move to their A-Book and which to B-Book. This has a significant impact on increasing trading profits at brokerages worldwide.

In addition, using Visual Edge’s Scalper Watch feature, dealers can spot toxic clients and decide to either close their account or A-Book them. Scalpers are often a significant source of revenue loss and being able to identify them easily and take appropriate action helps to protect brokers’ profits.

Which platforms can it be integrated with?

Gold-i Visual Edge is fully integrated with MT4 and, with our recently developed API, can also be integrated with most other trading platforms. Integrating Visual Edge with multiple platforms gives brokers a comprehensive overview of their entire trading operations. 

What is the biggest challenge you face with Visual Edge?

When brokers set up, they always think about having a bridge and then perhaps a MAM. If they realised the impact Visual Edge could have on their business, then I am sure this tool would be a top priority from the outset. The challenge is getting this message across. 

“Gold-i Visual Edge gives us the oversight and extra control to help us to implement our risk management strategy. In addition, by helping us to spot toxic clients, we estimate it saves us more than $50,000 per month.” Steve Martin, Head of Trading, FINSA

Gold-i Visual Edge, with its modular pricing structure, is accessible to brokers of all sizes. Integration with MT5 will be announced later this year. For further information, visit