George Larkou
George Larkou

ImpacTech - A company that truly invests in the success of its clients

George Larkou co-founded ImpacTech and is driving forward the company’s vision to become a global leader in the development of Business Intelligence solutions. e-Forex interviewed him about the products and solutions his team have developed for the retail FX brokerage market.

George, what range of products and services does ImpacTech offer for retail FX brokers?

We offer four fully integrated solutions that are ideally suited to brokers. We appreciate how competitive the retail FX brokerage market is, so we’ve developed solutions to ensure brokers can make a real impact. Our ready-to-go MT4 and MT5 White Label brokerage solutions have every tool needed to succeed.

At ImpacTech, we work extensively with cutting-edge, breakthrough technology to create Business Intelligence solutions. Big Data and AI are at the core of our latest solution: ImpactCRM. It delivers a coordinated customer management process across sales, customer support and marketing in real-time and improves results without adding to your workforce. Our marketing tools deliver proven, cost-effective, branded lead generation with higher conversion rates.

With our telecom solution, clients benefit from the lowest call rates available. The integrated natural language processing reveals the most effective sales keywords and real-time prompts tell our clients the best time to call their own customers.

We invest a lot of time in creating user-friendly interfaces to make all our solutions easy to use. Individually, they perform as well as or better than anything in the market. Collectively, ImpactCRM, marketing tools and our telecom solution also integrate effortlessly with the trading platforms to give a brokerage everything needed to be successful. 

Many FX brokerages are starting to become aware of the importance of using their data as part of their growth strategy. In what ways is ImpacTech helping them to achieve that?

When we founded ImpacTech we knew Big Data, predictive analytics and AI were going to have a huge impact on how companies do business. This is as true for brokerages as it is for many industries. We’ve had a long runway to build Big Data analytics using the latest AI developments in our solutions. Growing awareness is another reason for the increasing demand for our products.

Our solutions create value from a broker’s data. And because we offer solutions that make collection of data possible from every touchpoint we’re able to maximise the value of a company’s data. The more data our solutions are fed with, the better the results.

How can leveraging data help smaller brokers to compete more successfully with their larger rivals?
In the past, bigger brokers used the greater volume of data they had to maintain and increase their market advantage. With ImpactCRM and our marketing tools, a smaller broker is able to extract far more insights from their data than a bigger broker using a regular CRM. For example, a big brokerage will find out at the end of the month that their latest campaign ended up making a loss. With ImpactCRM, real-time insights enable a brokerage to drop a loss-making campaign as soon as the algorithm detects that it isn’t going to deliver the expected results. It will tweak parameters until it finds a campaign with a better outcome. It’s a constant process of improvement which finds greater efficiency, reduces costs and boosts performance. 

Please give us some details about your new CRM. What features and functionality does it offer, what efficiencies does it deliver and how easy is it to integrate into existing trading platform architectures?

Our CRM is data-driven and delivers straight out-of-the-box integration with modules needed for running your business. It scales easily to grow as a business grows and delivers a coordinated customer management process across sales, customer support and marketing in real-time. Your business reaps the benefits of improved results without the need to add to its workforce. You will also be free to oversee and control all operations from a single screen.

How important is research and on-going product development at ImpacTech and in what ways does your approach to it differentiate you from many other Fintech providers?

R&D takes up a big part of our budget because constant improvement is at the heart of ImpacTech. It’s not my place to judge other Fintech providers or how they use their resources. We’ve set ourselves the target of becoming a global leader in the Business Intelligence sector. That’s why continuous research, improvement and innovation is at the heart of our process at ImpacTech.

Looking ahead, what plans do you have for adding to your existing product suite and growing the international footprint of your FX client base?

We have a roadmap for how we will improve ImpactCRM. As I’ve said, continuous improvement and innovation is what we are all about. We’ve just enjoyed a highly successful iFX Expo and the interest in our products is well beyond our expectations. We anticipated growth would follow the launch of ImpactCRM and started recruiting months ago in preparation for increase in demand.

Retail FX is a global industry and we are equipped to service any broker wherever they are based regardless of size. Start-ups and established brokers enjoy huge benefits partnering with us. Setting up is hassle-free, cost effective and brings mobile, automated and social trading to a client base. Our solution also gives access to multiple liquidity providers, payment service providers, crypto exchanges, bridges, data feeds, trading signals and educational resources for all level of traders.

When other providers state that they offer a complete brokerage solution, it usually means a mix of the components mentioned above. At ImpacTech, we offer an end-to-end suite of solutions that give your business a competitive advantage.

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