Raj Sitlani Managing Director of ISAM Capital Markets and Managing Partner of IS Prime
Raj Sitlani Managing Director of ISAM Capital Markets and Managing Partner of IS Prime

ISAM Capital Markets - A Powerhouse for Institutional Clients

e-Forex asked Raj Sitlani, Managing Director of ISAM Capital Markets and Managing Partner of IS Prime about the structure of the ISAM Capital Markets group and the benefits that its constituent entities bring to the table.

“ISAM Capital Markets consists of IS Prime, IS Prime Hong Kong and IS Risk Analytics (ISRA).  We are market leaders in all three businesses. However, under the broader structure of ISAM Capital Markets, we are far stronger than three separate companies operating in three different jurisdictions (UK, Hong Kong, USA). The skills and technical capabilities we share within the group enable each individual business to thrive. Our institutional clients reap the benefits of our expertise, whether they come to us for Prime brokerage, multi-asset execution or risk consultancy services. I have a dual role as Managing Director of ISAM Capital Markets and Managing Partner of IS Prime. From an IS Prime perspective, I can definitely say that the calibre of our offering has been enhanced by having IS Risk Analytics and IS Prime Hong Kong all under the same holding company  -  our clients have benefited from the complementary business opportunities.”

We also asked Jeff Wilkins, Head of IS Risk Analytics and Will Robbins, Head of Asia to tell us how being part of ISAM Capital Markets has impacted their operations.

IS Risk Analytics (ISRA)

JW: “ISAM Capital Markets is the ecosystem that gives brokers confidence in knowing the most important part of their business is being handled properly. Within the ISAM Capital Markets group, we have industry-leading liquidity solutions, bridging, risk services and much more. Everything we do is systematic, and we enable a broker to focus on growing its business. IS Risk Analytics has been at the forefront of risk services for many years. However, the injection of intelligence and systematic capabilities into our business as a result of being an ISAM Capital Markets company has been a huge catalyst for further growth. We’ve also benefited in terms of operational costs and the expertise of having an overarching management team as well as the introduction to a network of prestigious clients from IS Prime and IS Prime Hong Kong.”

“Being able to blend our experience with retail brokers and the IS Prime team’s institutional expertise has been mutually beneficial. Whilst we enjoy working closely with the IS Prime and IS Prime Hong Kong teams, we also relish the fact that IS Risk Analytics has been able to retain its own integrity and can operate independently as a business.”

Jeff Wilkins
Jeff Wilkins

“If I was to describe the ethos of ISAM Capital Markets, I’d say that we are all driven by the genuine belief that our respective businesses are the best in the industry. We are all ambitious and keen to retain our market leadership positions.” 

“In terms of IS Risk Analytics, we are better, bigger and more sophisticated than any of our competitors and with every situation we deal with, our knowledge base gets stronger. There is simply no way for any competitor to have the industry overview that we have. This has a major impact on the quality of risk management services we offer. Whilst we have customised strategies for every client, whether they are large or small, the vantage point we have of the industry in being able to spot trends and detect potential issues at an early stage is truly unique.“

“We are extremely proud of the fact that we’ve never had a customer suffer from a major market event such as SNB, Brexit or Flash Crash. Our clients have not only weathered these storms but have thrived because of our support. After each event, our customers are watching competitors put their house back in order, whilst they aggressively capture their market share. This is a real testament to our success.”

IS Prime Hong KONG

WR: “IS Prime Hong Kong is a relatively early stage business, so leveraging the opportunities through the ISAM Capital Markets group has definitely helped to accelerate our growth and to build up a strong reputation for excellence in a relatively short space of time.” 

“IS Prime Hong Kong offers a market leading technology service and risk management consultancy business to clients across the region. Our focus to date has primarily been on managing the relationships of IS Prime and IS Risk Analytics’ clients in Asia.”

Will Robbins
Will Robbins

“However, we’ve also been able to attract new clients in Asia, particularly those looking to benefit from the capabilities and expertise of IS Risk Analytics. Our peers here in Hong Kong don’t offer risk services of this calibre and so we’ve really been able to stand out in the region. It has certainly given us gravitas being part of ISAM Capital Markets. The fact that we are a young and exciting brand is a real advantage, and we are lucky to have two areas of expertise – FinTech and FX - which are both growing in their respective fields across Asia.”

“The market is evolving at a fast pace here - probably faster than anywhere else in the world. This has created huge growth opportunities for us. It really helps that every month, members of either the IS Prime team from London or the IS Risk Analytics team from the US come to spend time in our office.”

“We have full commitment from the companies within the group to help us to drive the business forward. The collaboration between the three businesses has enabled us all to capitalise on growth opportunities – and clients benefit by having a 24 hour team across three jurisdictions (UK, US and Hong Kong).”