Nicola Tavendale
Nicola Tavendale

People and Machines What the future holds for FX

The future of financial services will be a true merger of the best of both human and machine, according to a report produced by Refinitiv with Greenwich Associates. It finds that over the next three to five years investing and trading decisions will still need to leverage human intuition, while data analysis and trade execution will become increasingly automated and more efficient. Nicola Tavendale investigates.

The series on the future of trading explores how technology and the growth of data have kept markets moving, with the third and final paper revealing the impact of this evolution on the traders themselves. Michael Chin, Managing Director and Global Head of Trading Proposition at Refinitiv says that when it comes to the future of work, innovation is often met with scepticism no matter how awe-inspiring it appears. Yet this report sets out to debunk many of the fears about ‘machines taking over the world’ and instead explains how the industry can better adapt and move forward, he adds. “Despite advances in AI and data analytics, people are still in charge. In fact, as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, new opportunities for top-tier talent are emerging,” Chin explains. “It’s apparent that the source of this talent has been shifting for years now. While finance has been the most common educational path to the trading profession, it’s certainly not the only...continued

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