Andrew Cromie
Andrew Cromie

360T Extending the value chain for all their clients

e-Forex talks with Andrew Cromie, Global Head of Product Management for Institutional Investors, 360T Group, the award-winning multi-bank, multi-asset trading platform for OTC financial instruments.

Andrew, what are the latest products and services 360T is focusing on and in what ways are you helping senior FX buy-side traders to add more value to their trading desks? AC: Our conversations have changed dramatically from more functional requirements, to working side by side with the buy side to implement change whilst minimizing operational risk. Regulatory change, driven by the recent scandals in FX, is clearly having a contagion effect on the buy side where their FX execution will be a focus of regulators, management and, in some cases, their own clients.  This has presented an opportunity for the buy side to formulate a more holistic view on how they process orders and execute risk. These conversations are leading to solutions that include: 1. Enhanced order management 2. Increased automation 3. More quantifiable data for both pre and post trade analytics to achieve: •  Validation and improvement of decisions  •  Increased counterparty measurement •...continued

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