Gold-i Matrix 2.0 Make more money and reduce risk

Gold-i’s CEO, Tom Higgins describes Matrix 2.0 as the most significant Gold-i product since the inception of the company. With an investment of almost £1million to bring Gold-i’s new liquidity management tool to market, Tom explains why Matrix 2.0 is such a game changer for the world leader in trading systems integration and how it will help brokers and banks worldwide to make more money and reduce risk.

Gold-i  Matrix 2.0 Make more money  and reduce risk

What is Gold-i Matrix 2.0?

Matrix 2.0 is a modular liquidity management system designed to be super-fast and extremely flexible. It offers multiple routing and aggregation methods to allow brokers to offer the most effective execution model to different client types. The full multi-asset capabilities of Matrix 2.0 make this product unique in the retail sector and offer brokers an easy way to extend their FX offering into CFDs, futures and equities. The Gold-i Matrix not only provides a platform to allow brokers to aggregate in-coming liquidity feeds but it also enables them to offer their own liquidity out to clients – a simple and cost-effective tool if they are looking at alternative revenue streams.

We are really proud of this latest innovation. It’s been built from the ground up to be the fastest and most flexible tool on the market. The user interface has a really fresh look – so it’s a very appealing and easy to use product.

Who is the product aimed at?

It is aimed at MT4 brokers who use single or multiple servers. With Matrix 2.0, Gold-i can provide a wide range of liquidity from all asset classes and Liquidity Providers via single or multiple bridges into each MT4 system. It’s ideal for brokers of all sizes – from small start-ups to large global brokers. The product has not been designed exclusively for MT4 – it has a bridge into MT4 which is why we are initially focusing on the MT4 broker market. In the future, we hope it will be used by smaller banks and will open up broader opportunities for us outside the MT4 world.

What are the main benefits?

Matrix 2.0 is an invaluable tool which gives brokers a huge amount of flexibility in spreading prices. It offers multiple routing rules and supports multi-asset classes. It is completely Liquidity Provider agnostic and leverages our existing connections with over 70 Liquidity Providers. I believe it’s a best of breed product which is made even more appealing by our pricing strategy. There are no up-front costs or set up fees so brokers can get up and running very quickly at low cost.

Gold-i has a broad and ever-evolving portfolio of products. Why is the Matrix such a significant product launch?

Post SNB there has been a move to smaller Liquidity Providers who have less liquidity. This has created a need for some brokers to aggregate feeds to increase the liquidity they can obtain.  Matrix not only addresses this need but also supports brokers’ increased focus on risk management post SNB. It offers automatic failover to a back-up, with or without aggregation.
Matrix 2.0 is the most significant product we’ve ever developed because of the huge role it can play in helping brokers both to make more money and to reduce risk. It’s also the biggest investment we’ve ever made in bringing a product to market. Matrix 2.0 is the product that will take us into the institutional space. The next generation of Matrix will be an institutional and retail product so it is a strategic investment in our future – a catalyst for significant growth.

Matrix 2.0: Key Facts

•  Advanced aggregation across multiple asset classes
•  LP redundancy with primary/secondary failover
•  Flexible deployment options – installed in broker’s own datacentres or Gold-i’s hosted facilities
•  Leverages our existing 70+ connections with Liquidity Providers, ECNs and other technologies
•  Low set up costs. Up and running quickly

What did the development process involve?

We have had a team of six developers dedicated to Matrix for the last two years. The process has involved significant market research, extensive internal architecture design and a great deal of time spent perfecting our user interface. The team focused on developing the fastest and most flexible tool as well as providing the best possible user experience. 

How easy is the Matrix to use? 

The user interfaces are simple and can be configured by the brokers themselves. Set up time is minimal. It’s an out of the box deployment which takes just a few hours to get up and running. As with all our products, we provide 24x7 technical support.

Gold-i  Matrix 2.0 Make more money and reduce risk

Gold-i is thriving, with a broad product portfolio. Which Gold-i products are currently most in demand?

Our product portfolio consists of a range of products which help brokers with their key business priorities – making money, cutting costs, reducing risk and differentiating from competitors. Every product in our portfolio helps brokers with at least one, if not more, of these business drivers. Currently the top five most popular products are our Bridge, MAM, Visual Edge, IB Profit Share and Managed Services. 

Gold-i Visual Edge has really taken off over the last few months since we have added business intelligence capabilities to the product. It’s an invaluable tool which provides brokers with unparalleled insight into their trading operations, making it easy for them to analyse P&L, manage exposure risk and identify toxic clients whenever they trade. The visualisation aspect of the product is particularly impressive, giving brokers a clear overview of the key metrics that drive their business in real-time.

Martyn Smyth, Software Development Manager at Gold-i, headed up the Matrix 2.0 development team
Martyn Smyth, Software Development Manager at Gold-i, headed up the Matrix 2.0 development team

Our Managed Services, in which we provide an outsourced technical team to help brokers to run MT4 effectively at all times, is particularly in demand. We now have a team in our Shanghai office who can provide local language support to our Chinese clients, too. We have an excellent Head of Global Support, Ian Bunn, who ensures we offer high service levels 24x7, whether helping clients to set up MT4, proactively monitoring their systems or fixing issues whenever they arise. Because we are responsible for the smooth running of MT4 for over 140 clients worldwide, when issues do occur, they are usually things we have seen before and therefore we tend to be able to resolve them quicker than most in-house teams, keeping any downtime to a minimum.

Gold-i is renowned as an industry innovator. What other innovations are you working on?

Over the next few months we plan to enhance some of the functions of Matrix 2.0. We have a good roadmap leading to Matrix 3.0 which will include full position management and margining.

What are your plans to fuel further growth over the next year?

Since opening our office in Shanghai we have seen significant growth in Asia and expect continued growth in the region over the next year, with new team members on-board. We are looking to take on additional agents or regional offices in multiple locations and will be making a number of hires, including expanding all our teams in the UK. 

We’ve recently moved to larger premises in our Guildford-based office, which gives us the capacity to employ more people in QA, development and support. 

We are a rapidly growing global business with very ambitious growth plans. Having a physical presence in China and a major new product in our portfolio puts us in a strong position to achieve these plans. 

Gold-i has a team in its Shanghai office who can provide local language support to Chinese clients.
Gold-i has a team in its Shanghai office who can provide local language support to Chinese clients.