Seizing the opportunities of new disruptive technologies in FX

Dan Barnes explores the nature of some of the so called “disruptive technologies” and where competitive advantages may lie for FX firms who are first to seize the opportunities that these can deliver.

A revolution is happening in finance. Legacy technologies are facing replacement, not from new iterations of themselves, but by entirely new models of technology-enabled working. The blockchain – a distributed ledger system that is used to underpin bitcoin transactions – is being looked at as a model for exchanging central bank money. The ability to query every internet document via Google is being replicated within the enterprise by Apache Hadoop, an open source big data storage and retrieval system that is based on a paper written by Google engineers. Consequently data no longer needs to be stored in a pre-defined database, it can be broken into chunks and distributed across hundreds of servers, then pulled back together using simpler queries than are needed using traditional relational databases. Getting an edge in FX For firms trying to get an edge in the FX market, speed of execution is still key and firms are addressing market fragmentation and manage liquidity mirage, says Terry...continued

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