Frances Faulds
Frances Faulds

Single Dealer Platforms: The quest to deliver a more impressive digital experience.

Multi-channel, multi-asset and multi-dealer: The Single Dealer Platform continues to evolve. To discover more, Frances Faulds talks to two leading FX providers to see how they are adapting their e-commerce offerings to the changing landscape in FX.

The Single Dealer Platform (SDP) has come a long way since the early Nineties and if the past 20 years are anything to go by, they will continue to develop, perhaps at a faster rate as the technology available improves and lowers the barrier to entry, and client demands and the regulatory environment continue to shape the offerings. What is central to the concept, and continued survival, of SDPs is the bank/client relationship for while MiFID, Dodd-Frank, the introduction of swap execution facilities (SEFs) and other new regulatory programs have impacted the grey areas of price discovery and execution, negating the price differentiation an institution can offer through its SDP, this has simply increased the focus on servicing that relationship, and adding value. With the growing demand for a single point of entry across the different assets and products, banks are now unifying and simplifying their e-trading delivery, and in most cases using browser-based technology to do this. Wells Fargo Bank offers a...continued

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