William Essex
William Essex

Back to Bitcoin?

Blockchain builders and regulators need to face their greatest fear, suggests William Essex.

Trigger warning. We are going to talk about Bitcoin. These pages will not contain scenes likely to upset a millennialgeneration student on a typical US university campus, but they will feature intelligent people making favourable references to the scary cryptocurrency. We may: discuss Bitcoin’s recent price performance and overall volatility; hint that it may be attractive as a store of value and/or a hedging tool; mention that it’s more cross-border portable than a gold bar; and even openly suggest that you might like to take another look. You have been warned. We need to talk about Bitcoin, but that’s just one of the two distinct themes that need to be addressed this month. So let’s deal with the other one first. It’s superficially uncontentious: blockchain has gone even more mainstream than it was already. The kicker is: what do we mean by the word “mainstream”? To be metaphorical for a second: this mainstream doesn’t seem to be flowing. SWIFT AS A...continued

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