Jean-Marie Mognetti
Jean-Marie Mognetti

Bitcoin - take it seriously

Jersey-based Global Advisors offer the listed Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI) and their Bitcoin Tracker One ETN, which you’ll find on Nasdaq. Take one look at GABI’s performance since inception in 2014, and you’ll want to know more. William Essex spoke to JeanMarie Mognetti, co-principal, head of trading & operations, Global Advisors.

William Essex: Your investment strategy is to provide “exposure to the price of movements of Bitcoin whilst managing the risks inherent to emerging asset classes”. That’s a lot more than just buying and selling bitcoins. Does your performance – reflect a deep understanding of Bitcoin, or a deep understanding of emerging-market behaviour, or both? Jean-Marie Mognetti: It’s a lot more than just buying and selling. It’s also securing. At the same time it’s also beating the benchmark. Originally the mandate of the fund was long-only or cash - the market at that time was pretty immature in terms of what was available. Since then, the market has developed leveraging, margining, futures, and soon there will be options again. Our mandate was updated last December to deliver much more alpha than we used to do. We are migrating from active beta management to a much more aggressive alphaproduct strategy. By nature, we’re hedge-fund people, not tracker or index...continued

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