Jonathan Brewer
Jonathan Brewer

IS Prime: Delivering a premier service to retail brokers

IS Prime has experienced rapid growth since launching as an institutional Prime of Prime brokerage just over two years ago. The firm’s investment in its people and technology has resulted in an impressive global client base and a compelling offering for the market. e-Forex talks to IS Prime’s Managing Partner, Jonathan Brewer to find out more

What are the latest developments from IS Prime?

Having established IS Prime as a credible, professional and forward thinking firm over the last two years, we were ready to take the business to the next level. Over the last few months we have taken some major steps to evolve the business and broaden our product offering and reach. In February, following the acquisition of Think Liquidity’s assets, we launched IS Risk Analytics to provide risk management services to clients. We also opened IS Prime Hong Kong to focus on growth in Asia and have appointed a highly dynamic team to build the business in the region. In addition, we have launched a range of Index Swap products to facilitate the most popular index and energy instruments required by retail brokers.

How will your clients be impacted by IS Risk Analytics?

With IS Risk Analytics, we can now have a much greater impact on a client’s bottom line. Client selection, risk management and hedging strategies are the bedrock of a retail broker’s business, and we can now provide expertise to optimise these areas. Many retail brokers select clients and manage risk in a relatively unsophisticated way, and we have seen that we can in some cases more than double a client’s P&L simply by optimising this side of the business. Once the decision has been taken to perform a hedge trade, we are still able to offer the best liquidity solution in the market. We can now have a positive impact on a client’s entire operation and therefore a much greater impact on their profitability. This is a unique product offering which we believe is a very powerful differentiator for IS Prime versus every other provider to the retail FX market. Most importantly, we are able to offset the cost of the risk services with the liquidity services to ensure a very cost effective solution. We are working closely with Jeff Wilkins, Managing Director of IS Risk Analytics, to ensure that our clients benefit from the very best risk management technology in the industry.

How does IS Prime stand out in such a competitive market?

With our risk management tools and Index Swaps, we are now a much more complete one stop shop. We have always maintained that IS Prime’s liquidity is the best in the industry but we are now in a position to offer so much more to retail brokers.

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