Leveraging the power of Widgets

FX Blue Labs is a leading provider of apps for the FX and CFD markets and the company has recently launched a range of innovative widgets. e-Forex talks with their Managing Director, John Morris to learn more.

John - FXBluelabs are best known in the market for supplying banks and brokers with multi-lingual trader apps, what sort of demand are you seeing for widgets?

The market is getting increasingly sophisticated and traders are looking for more and better information, and in their own language. We originally started by meeting requirements from existing bank and broker customers for price based widgets for both web and in-platform use. Examples would be market heat maps, quote boards, spread charts, and bid/ask tick charts fed by the broker’s own price feeds. Increasingly however we are getting requests for depth of market displays (including VWAP), order book widgets and cypto currency price widgets. 
We have developed self-configurable, multi-lingual, widgets. One client for example uses such a widget on 50+ regional sites self-selecting the data to display, language and widget size and colour to suit varying regional and local needs.

There is a lot of interest also in our live trade sentiment widgets for web and in-platform use. FXBlue has had for many years one of the largest retail user bases of FX traders who use the free resources at www.fxblue.com to track and analyse their trading activities and download free software. We use the aggregated non-personal data from that site to drive the live sentiment widgets. We can also use brokers’ own data to display their sentiment as an alternative.

Live Trader Sentiment
Live Trader Sentiment

Is regulatory change driving the demand for better information?    
Yes it’s true, we have customers in 25+ countries in different licencing regimes and we are seeing two main trends. Some banks and brokers are asking for depth of market and order book displays, based on their own data, to demonstrate increased fairness and transparency to traders. These displays can be both web based and in-platform. Separately we are also getting requests from compliance officers for our ‘Broker Reporting Tool’ (“BRT”) which aggregates multiple servers and generates automated bespoke reports and real time alerts on such parameters as margin calls, stop outs, unusual account activity (eg multiple pulled orders), scalping, overnight profits etc. The BRT can track and report on any data that is in the server, including for sales and financial reporting purposes. 

Broker Reporting Tool
Broker Reporting Tool

What impact is the crypto currency market having on the demand for information?

As banks and broker in the FX sector embrace crypto currencies there is also an increasing interest in crypto related widgets. FXBluelabs has now integrated with 14 of the main crypto exchanges and is able to track the main crypto pairs in addition to tracking pricing difference between the exchanges. The enables us to produce various crypto related widgets as well as twitter and news feeds with automated alerts regarding important price movements and price differences. Of course we can also use the brokers’ own crypto price feeds for the widgets as well.  

Interestingly, depth of market and order book displays, based on the broker’s own data, are becoming more popular possibly because most of the crypto currency exchange platforms show this data as a matter of course and traders are getting used to seeing it-a phenomenon not so common in the FX market.

What about your HTML5 charting?

It took a long time to develop our HTML5 financial charting which comes with full support for tablets, mobiles and desktop browsers and for touch devices. It has multiple functions including use as HTML5 web widgets, HTML5 charts (for use with both FX and crypto platforms) and HTML5 web traders. The complete charting application comes with support for multiple layouts, saved workspaces and templates, indicator studies etc. Charts can also be popped out into new floating browser windows for multi-monitor support.

Crypto widget
Crypto widget

We can integrate broker pricing and price history and use that to generate new timeframes. We can also create indicators which read proprietary data (eg analysts' recommendations, news, economic data), and draw that automatically on the chart - as ‘roll over’ markers, trend lines, widgets etc.

We are in the process of building a bespoke web trader front end for a client and are getting a lot of cypto related enquiries for both widgets and charts. As a widget, the charting can be connected to any broker pricing feed and used to display on websites. We can also offer (in combination with user registration and a user database) server side alerts enabling traders to set alerts and track price changes via charting or web widgets by receiving an email, SMS or tweet notifying them if the alert is triggered.  

MT4 Indicator- Order Book
MT4 Indicator- Order Book | Web widget- Order Book

Can Brokers’ IB’s and affiliates benefit from these developments?

Yes we can integrate all the website widgets, including the HTML 5 charting, into IB and affiliate programmes. In addition to the usual advertising banners, this enables IB’s and affiliates to use dynamic widgets on their web sites, increasing engagement and ultimately driving more funded accounts to the brokers. It gives the market a much wider choice of information displays to use in their marketing efforts.
For further information about FXBluelabs’ widgets, Broker Reporting Tool, crypto services or HTML5 charting please contact sales@fxbluelabs.com  or visit www.fxbluelabs.com 

FX Blue HTML5 widget
FX Blue HTML5 widget