PrimeXM - Innovation by Intelligence Cutting-edge technology for financial institutions

Trusted by more than 250 leading financial institutions, PrimeXM’s technology is celebrated for its innovative and steadfast nature. Dedicated to its partners and their growth, PrimeXM is committed to evolving its solutions and providing a competitive edge. In the acutely fast-paced finance sector, the company has remained true to its mission and has consistently created cutting-edge environments to connect financial institutions to the global markets.

Presenting the XCore – Access to 300+ liquidity sources

At the heart of PrimeXM’s unremittingly growing technology is the XCore; a highly modular and scalable solution dedicated to connecting financial institutions to the markets by providing access to a perpetually increasing number of 300 liquidity sources, including tier-one banks, ECNs, exchanges and other XCore clients. The XCore’s ability to instantly update prices in each client’s system and ensure maximum order filling at the best available price is driven by the system’s infinitely sophisticated innate characteristics. With dedicated XCore instances deployed for each client, the XCore provides a solid foundation for financial organizations to cater to professional and retail traders and distribute liquidity to other institutions.

The XCore’s advanced capabilities feature dynamic and complex rules allowing customizations to be made at each level, including symbols and order types. Financial institutions can define and customize an unlimited number of markup profiles to ensure optimal offerings at various market conditions.

Apart from its leading connectivity and order management capabilities, the XCore’s offering includes comprehensive aggregation and trading analytic tools for reporting, monitoring and risk management.

With an aptitude to be connected to an unlimited number of liquidity sources, including catering to on-demand requests for new cross-connects, the XCore allows freedom in choosing liquidity partners and venues without any technology constraints. The dynamic engine’s advanced connectivity features also provide the prerequisites for high-level liquidity aggregation. Without technological impediments, financial organizations can aggregate liquidity from any number of liquidity sources defined in their system, while the XCore’s capacity to support multi-tiered best bid/offer aggregation leads to better spreads and superior execution, especially on high trading volumes. Institutions are encouraged to exploit the wide variety of liquidity sources supported to create an optimal mix of liquidity and customize various liquidity pools for different groups of clients at the level of symbols and time-frames.

The XCore’s sweeping connectivity features extend to the side of takers to the system, supporting various interfaces and trading platforms. Institutions that operate the popular MetaTrader platforms will identify the XCore and its lightweight server-side bridging and gateway technology as an infinitely robust addition to their system. Organizations with their own customized platforms will benefit from the XCore’s supported connectivity to any FIX API interface which can also be utilitarian for financial organizations acting as liquidity providers to other entities.

Hosting solutions – Ultra-low latency connectivity to the markets

With an increasing number of financial institutions recognizing the merits of PrimeXM’s hosting solutions, this side of the company’s offering has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Supported by enterprise level hardware, specifically designed for the financial trading industry and its intensive workloads, these solid hosting deliverables provide a fully redundant and highly secure ecosystem for trading servers, while powerful DDoS protection mechanisms are also available.

Having chosen leading low latency FX data centers in major financial locations across the world as its hubs, PrimeXM provides dedicated and co-located hosting solutions for trading platforms. Hosting trading servers in PrimeXM’s leading hubs - where XCore setups also reside - ensures reduced travel-times for price updates and order processing and provides a fully co-located ultra-low latency trading environment with minimal delays and reduced slippage.

PrimeXM’s comprehensive vision for the future entails the development of technological innovations to define the future of the finance industry and as is evident from the company’s course, it will continue to pioneer solutions and enhance its offering to cater to the relentless changes of the finance industry. Learn more about PrimeXM’s leading technology at