By Andrew Lane CEO  and Founder at Acuity
By Andrew Lane CEO and Founder at Acuity

Complacency Risk of AI Adoption

Having grown up in the 90’s when the latest ‘must-have’ toy was the GameBoy and Michael J Fox was the envy of every child with his hoverboard in Back to the Future Part II, one cannot fail to be impressed or excited by everything that artificial intelligence has to offer. Sure, the doomslayers will always emphasise the negative impact of such revolutions but like any risk, there is opportunity and none more so than in trading.

Does reliance on AI in trading risk complacency? If machines homogenise decision-making to such an extent, do we risk exacerbating the herd mentality rather than avoid it? How can we continue to exploit the individuality of human cognitive capabilities rather than sideline them in favour of AI alone? Trading and Robotics Whilst the walking and talking robots may be the preserve of the film industry, robots in trading are, and have been for some time, very much a reality. Silently operating behind the scenes, from price pattern predictions to machine readable news, their presence is growing as is their sophistication and equally, our dependence on them. Their stealth-like presence means the market or traders themselves are unlikely to even be aware of the scale of technology driving their screens. Nonetheless, never shy to early adoption, the FX trading community continues to actively seek out the very latest advancements in AI technology. With the pace of change and range of opportunity, this could...continued

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