Tom Higgins
Tom Higgins

Gold-i’s Multi-Asset Liquidity Management Platform: Matrix

Gold-i is driving the market forwards in terms of multi-asset liquidity management. e-Forex spoke to Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i to find out about the product’s main features and benefits.

Why did Gold-i develop Matrix?

We spotted an opportunity to provide brokers with an enhanced way of managing multi-asset Liquidity Providers whilst also providing them with easy access to the best liquidity in the market at the best prices. Matrix enables brokers who use MT4, MT5 or any FIX-based system to pool their multi-asset liquidity, create spread profiles and stream them into multiple top-end trading systems. Matrix has two clear benefits for brokers. It provides a sophisticated multi-asset liquidity management platform for their retail clients and it enables them to enter the institutional space by distributing their liquidity to other brokers in Gold-i’s global client network.
What are the key features and benefits of Matrix?

“We selected Matrix as our liquidity management platform because Gold-i had already integrated with a number of high quality Liquidity Providers who we wanted to connect with for FX, CFDs and commodities. Matrix, therefore, provided us with an efficient way of accessing this liquidity. We use Matrix Insights to monitor and measure the performance of execution with our Liquidity Providers in terms of latency, slippages and rejections.”
Mark Gemma, Head of Trading,
Acetop Financial Limited

Firstly, it is a very easy to use, highly flexible multi-asset liquidity management platform, with multiple routing and aggregation methods.  In addition, we have developed a dashboard called Matrix Insights which provides top line information to enable brokers to analyse order routing and execution statistics across all asset classes.

Brokers can see where rejections are coming from, where their best execution venue is and where the least slippage is occurring. These stats are invaluable in terms of planning different liquidity strategies for different client types and maximising profitability. A further benefit is that Matrix also provides brokers with a sophisticated failover process if their primary LP or technology provider has a failure.

Which Liquidity Providers can Matrix brokers have access to?

Brokers using Matrix can connect to over 70 multi-asset Liquidity Providers and technologies.

What is Gold-i Matrix Net?

Matrix Net is an extension of Matrix. It is used by leading Liquidity Providers and Prime of Prime brokers to distribute liquidity, as opposed to Matrix, which is used by brokers to consume liquidity.

Matrix brokers connecting to a Matrix Net Liquidity Provider benefit from discounted transaction fees and a secure and reliable NETwork. Our Matrix NETwork includes CFH Clearing, IS Prime, FINSA, FXCM, INFINOX, Intertrader and Stater Global Markets. We are very proud of the calibre of Liquidity Providers within our Matrix NETwork as this really adds value to our clients, ensuring that they have access to high quality, competitively priced liquidity across multiple asset classes.

Gold-i specialises in multi-asset liquidity management, advanced risk management tools and business intelligence software, helping brokers to make more money, reduce risk and differentiate from competitors. The award-winning global FinTech company also offers a range of MT4/MT5 plug-ins to enhance the capabilities of these MetaTrader platforms. For further information, visit or email