Vikas Srivastava
Vikas Srivastava

Why now is the time for heads of FX desks to shift their technology mindset

Integral’s Chief Revenue Officer Vikas Srivastava offers his perspective on how heads of FX desks can use technology strategically to future-proof their trading and operations while still doing well in a low volatility environment.

What is the biggest business challenge for heads of e-FX desks? We have seen this movie before. Traders find themselves in a low volatility environment, pundits predict doom and gloom, and certainly the malaise can last a while. Indeed, the latest triennial survey by the BIS flagged a decline in FX volumes for the first time in 15 years. Then after a period of slow FX volumes, volatility will return suddenly and with a vengeance.   The thing is, nobody quite knows when. The biggest challenge for heads of FX desks is not to predict the future, but rather to prepare for when it finally arrives. In other words, heads of FX desks should think critically – and think often – about how to future-proof their trading and operations while still doing well in the low volatility marathon we’ve all joined. How should banks approach technology adoption given the current low-volatility environment? The current environment combined with easing regulatory pressures presents market...continued

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