Blockchain gets as easy as ABC

Soon, we’ll all be enabled, says William Essex.

We need to talk about digital identities. These are the core protocol around which so-called “Internet 2.0” may soon be built. They’re blockchain-enabled, and they change everything, not least for the crypto- and wider FX market. In theory. The idea is that Internet 1.0 – strictly, world-wide web 1.0, as originated by Tim Berners-Lee – lacked an open protocol for identity. As a result, we now have private-sector (social-media) protocols for identity, and some degree of controversy about third-party commercial (and political) use of our personal data. Speaking at Sibos this year, Stephen Berlin Johnson, author of Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age (2012), said: “For the first time now, we can create that massive, decentralised database of interactions, of trust, of identity, without any person or organisation controlling and owning the database itself.” This is significant. Blockchain is the underlying technology for Bitcoin, of course, and...continued

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