Gold-i Ambitious Growth Plans

Gold-i is celebrating ten years in business – a decade in which the market- leading FinTech company has continually pushed boundaries with its innovative software to help brokers worldwide to operate more profitably and manage their risk more effectively. e-Forex spoke to Gold-i’s Founder and CEO, Tom Higgins, to find out his views on the company’s success to date and hear more about its future plans.

What are the major changes you have seen over the last decade?

This industry keeps changing every year which is what makes it so exciting. We started Gold-i as a Bridge provider, with software aimed at MT4 brokers and a focus on FX and CFDs. We now have a focus on other markets, such as MT5 and are helping brokers to access a wide range of asset classes including cryptocurrencies.

As a result of industry changes and client demand, our business has evolved in ways which were unimaginable ten years ago and we are now very much focused on liquidity management. 

Our Matrix suite of products add breadth and scope to the company, enabling our clients to excel in so many different areas. Gold-i’s future is based on expanding this product roadmap into new asset classes on as broad a geographical basis as we can.

How has the business grown geographically?

Our clients are worldwide and we service them from different offices around the world including our UK-based headquarters. We have opened new offices in strategic locations around the world to enhance our service and to seize market opportunities in different regions. Gold-i was the first technology company in our industry to open an office in China, and we have recently launched our office in Australia, from which we will service clients in Australia and South East Asia. We also have an excellent reseller in Japan and will continue to expand with new offices according to client demand. 

How do you describe your current product portfolio?

Our product portfolio is divided up into four areas: multi-asset liquidity management; MT4/MT5 plug-ins; business insights / risk management; and advanced flow management.

As already highlighted, multi-asset liquidity management is a huge focus for Gold-i. We have invested significantly in our innovative Matrix platform as well as our Crypto Switch™.

Our plug-ins that add value to MT4 and MT5, including our award-winning MT4 Bridge, MT5 Gateway and MAM Pro, remain core products for the business and we continue to invest in new features for these product sets. In terms of business insights and risk management, we have our outstanding Visual Edge.

Our fourth area of focus, advanced flow management, relates to our Matrix Net and Crypto Switch™ 2.0, which provide a strong liquidity distribution channel for Liquidity Providers and Prime of Prime brokers, enabling them to leverage our extensive global network and reach clients who use Gold-i’s Matrix, MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway products.

Gold-i was one of the first technology companies in our industry to embrace cryptocurrencies. Tell us more about your Crypto Switch™. 

When we started looking at cryptos, no one else was really looking at this area, so we are the real thought leaders in this space and I am keen to capitalise on this and continue to drive the market forward. The crypto market has moved on substantially since we launched our Crypto Switch™ last year to enable brokers to offer physical cryptocurrency trading to their clients. 

Cryptocurrencies are now a mainstream asset class, traded by retail, professional and institutional players.  We have recently launched Crypto Switch™ 2.0, offering brokers the opportunity to have a fully cleared CFD cryptocurrency product, with multiple crypto market makers providing liquidity as a CFD or physical asset. As it is a cleared market, brokers only need to place funds with a single entity, a cryptocurrency clearing house which acts like a Prime Broker does in the FX world. 

Using Crypto Switch™ 2.0, we are offering brokers a cost-effective, low risk and efficient means of accessing multiple cryptocurrency market makers around the world who have access to deep pools of liquidity. 

If the business achieves one thing over the next 10 years, what would you like it to be?

I’d like to extend our Matrix suite of products to the Prime Broker market. This is an area where I believe we can add significant value and there is huge market potential. Similarly, I believe there are numerous opportunities with hedge funds and banks across the globe. Each of these sectors requires new technology and tighter regulatory compliance. There’s a huge market opportunity for Gold-i and I believe we have a strong product roadmap which will enable us to expand worldwide, taking us into new markets and new territories - I can’t wait!