Michael Davies
Michael Davies

Stater Global Markets focuses on global expansion

Michael Davies has joined Stater Global Markets in a newly created Global Head of Sales role. e-Forex finds out more about his new role and his views on the importance of a Prime of Prime having no vested interest in the liquidity or technology it provides to institutional clients.

After almost 15 years at Sucden Financial, why did you decide to join Stater Global Markets?

I felt like I needed a new challenge and Stater presented me with the ideal opportunity – a global role in a young, dynamic, ambitious, well-capitalised firm which has FX at its core and is eagerly looking at complementary products like Crypto CFDs.

Stater Global Markets fits my ethos of exactly what an ethical FX Prime of Prime brokerage should be; working for their clients, not against them. There are key conflicts of interest with many Prime of Primes, whether it be competing with their clients for business, trading against their clients to profit from their losses, or being owned by a Liquidity Provider. I am not comfortable with this mode of operating and feel that Stater, which has no inherent conflict of interest, stands out in this industry. 

Stater’s independence, integrity, the calibre of its team – from the shareholders to senior management – the quality of its offering and its global growth ambitions are key reasons why I joined the firm. I have been impressed by the way Ramy Soliman, CEO, has built the business and the speed at which Stater has been able to implement institutional grade technology to provide credible liquidity solutions for clients in both NY4 and LD4.

You have a global remit at Stater. What is your key focus?

Having a global remit was important to me as I think this is key to delivering excellence across all regions, with a consistent strategy, message and service for all of our clients. In my experience, you can get significant variations by operating as regional hubs and this can impact the client experience.  My initial focus is on Europe. Even with regulatory changes, I believe there is significant new business we can attract in key territories such as London, Cyprus, Malta and Turkey. Australasia is clearly a huge market and we are focusing on Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and New Zealand. Middle East is another key region which is part of our growth strategy. We have fluent Chinese, Turkish and Arabic speakers in our team, which is a major advantage in terms of our global expansion plans.

What type of clients are you hoping to attract?

Ultimately, we are targeting brokers, banks, funds and prop traders who want access to good quality, customisable liquidity and high levels of service.  Stater has a particularly strong track record in attracting clients who have profitable flow and are not being serviced properly by our competitors. We also have a compelling offering for retail brokers globally – not only are we able to handle their more challenging, profitable flow but we can also provide independent solutions, often with even better terms, for their less challenging flow. We have a range of products so we can be truly flexible and work in partnership with clients to help them to grow their business. This approach has helped us to attract and retain a wide range of clients globally.

Stater does not have proprietary technology but has evolved with a strategy of partnering with best of breed technology providers in the industry. Do you see this as an advantage for clients?

Stater is a relatively young company with no legacy systems. This is a definite advantage as we have been able to select the very best technology in every area of the business. We can also be early adopters of appropriate new technologies – as was the case with our automated onboarding technology which enables us to onboard clients quickly (usually within a few days) and ensure they remain compliant. 

We are technology provider agnostic and offer a choice of trading venues and front end platforms including Integral, Flextrade, MT4 and MT5. A key part of our strategy is that we give clients the flexibility to select the most appropriate technology for their business. We can also customise products to suit particular client requirements.

In summary, it’s the quality of Stater’s offering which is particularly impressive. Stater uses bank grade technology of the highest level to ensure we are delivering the most robust solutions to our clients for multi-asset trading. Being Liquidity Provider and technology provider agnostic enables us to offer the optimum solution for every client, tailored to their individual requirements.

Stater Global Markets offers institutional clients direct access to Tier 1 bank and non-bank liquidity, clearing and institutional grade technology. The FCA regulated firm is a wholly owned subsidiary of SBL Holdings Ltd. For further information, please visit www.staterglobalmarkets.com or contact sales@staterglobamarkets.com