ANZ releases new FX pricing product

ANZ Investment Bank has recently released its real time internet based FX derivative pricing product called ANZ FX Online - Sphinx. This is a web-based application enabling clients to price a range of foreign exchange derivative strategies in real time. Pricing is available for vanilla currency options (Puts and Calls) and a range of structured FX Derivatives.Bob SmithCommenting on the rationale for the development, Bob Smith, Head of eFX at ANZ said, 'Up until now a limited number of options specialists in each of our treasury centres provided the specialist knowledge and experience needed to price structured derivative deals.We recognised that an automated pricing capability was required to speed up our responsiveness to clients' pricing requests'.Functionality of Sphinx includes the capability to price pre-structured derivatives strategies using live market data delivered 24 hours a day, volatility market commentaries, historical rates and a comprehensive help and product guide file. ANZ believes that...continued

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