Gloriana Marks de Chabris Chief Executive of Centradia
Gloriana Marks de Chabris Chief Executive of Centradia

eFX – A catalyst for developing “one-stop” multi-product eTrading platforms

The idea of trading different instruments over a single channel is intuitively attractive argues Gloriana Marks de Chabris. However, the management of credit, particularly in a multi-product, multi-bank portal environment, will be the key.

Over the past two years, there has been a significant growth in the number of foreign exchange trades that are being transacted over the web. While, for some time, a number of banks offered customers the ability to transact foreign exchange electronically (both through dedicated terminals and more recently, their own mono-bank sites), the multi-bank foreign exchange portals are relatively a new phenomena, having only been launched in mid 2001.On the whole, mono-bank sites tend to offer a single point of access for all their customers’ treasury product needs, while multi-bank portals (the best known of which are FXConnect, Currenex and FxAll) provide greater depth of liquidity but traditionally only for one product type, namely foreign exchange. The exceptions to this are the two more recent portals (i.e., 360T and Centradia) that are both multi-product and multi-bank sites. Currenex has also just started to offer some basic money market products.Online foreign exchange trading gives...continued

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