Hugh Stewart Regional MD of sales, EMEA at Algorithmics
Hugh Stewart Regional MD of sales, EMEA at Algorithmics

FX - Evolving towards an Exchange-like model?

Hugh Stewart uses a neat metaphor to compare the FX market place and its major participants to highly adaptable sharks, who have long remained unmodified and withstood competition.

At first glance it seems a short step for the existing electronic trading infrastructure with surviving FX multi-bank portals to evolve into a formal FX Exchange. Therefore as it is popular to use theories of Evolution and apply them to global and corporate organisations and frameworks, let us look towards Nature as an example. The Foreign Exchange marketplace and not just its participants, are like sharks. Sharks are one of the oldest forms of existing life. They have remained unmodified while other creatures have changed shape, function and environment; different species of sharks have been created and different species have become extinct. Let us not disparage the shark which has managed to survive in its unmodified form through significant environmental changes, including climate changes, shifts in food supply and the ever-encroaching threat of … Man - one of the shark’s most dangerous threats. It is too easy to over–use the metaphor and compare some of the...continued

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