Anthony Edwards CMC Partners
Anthony Edwards CMC Partners

FX White Labelling

Anthony Edwards believes White Labelling presents an exciting opportunity for establishing and sustaining long term mutually beneficial relationships between banks, suppliers and their clients.

Providers of FX dealing platforms have generally concentrated on facilitating needs and requirements based on a one to one bank-to-customer relationship. The software house, bank and / or market maker will customise their package as specified, in order to cater and cultivate a long term and mutually beneficial relationship. However, there is one major disadvantage that is now being addressed. In an ideal world the best company with the most efficient software will attract a significant market share and subsequently trading volume. Realistically client volumes will be dispersed across the market place, simply due to the fact that a wide array of software, pricing, liquidity and professional services are available to institutional clients. Banks and suppliers are obviously aware that the prospect of dealing directly with almost every FX trading client within their existing infrastructure, regardless of size, is not scalable.This fact creates the question of how can you increase trading volume but not...continued

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