Luca Giuliani is a Consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.
Luca Giuliani is a Consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

A matter of service tailoring (the differentiating factors likely to win the Corporate Treasurer)

Luca Giuliani summarises some of the differentiating factors that Corporate Treasurers need to consider when deciding on what electronic trading platform to adopt.

It looks like a simple question and surely already advanced by many: why, in an economic environment where efficiency, risk and cost control are key goals is, the adoption of fx-online platforms in treasuries not overwhelmingly high considering the level of claimed benefits (ex. up to 50% of headcount costs in front, back and middle office operations)?Certainly, as reported in a number of surveys, one in four treasurers trade electronically and the percentage of buy-side participants trading on-line via single/proprietary bank systems or multi-bank portals has grown a healthy 17% since the end of 2001.Notwithstanding there are more than half of treasurers that have no plans no start dealing on-line within the short term. Browsing through the reasons of such decision it clearly appears that on-line FX dealing would not bring sufficient value to their operations to justify the implementation effort or, in other words, the provided services are not compelling enough as suggested on the ‘white paper...continued

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