Nicholas Bang Advanced Currency Markets
Nicholas Bang Advanced Currency Markets

Online Trading - some thoughts for the retail investor

Nicholas Bang discusses some of the issues that retail investors need to look at when trading FX online.

With increasing interest from private investors around the world in trading fx, e-Forex is now including a regular section - Retail Forex Client - devoted to issues that concern players, both buy-side and sell-side, in the retail FX sector. We start this new section by asking Nicholas Bang of Advanced Currency Markets, to set out some of the issues that retail investors need to consider regarding electronic and online FX trading solutions.The retail investor is naturally cautious when it comes to choosing which online foreign exchange platform and indeed which broker he will use for execution. In a market characterized by the lack of fixed commissions on trades it is easy to assume that there's little cost to trading and quite striking just how much cost can be incurred by the customer at the final analysis. Online trading is leveling the playing field but customers still need to consider multiple aspects of a brokerage's service and in fact of the brokerage firm itself before going ahead with the marriage...continued

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