Trayport releases Global Vision 8

London-based software house, Trayport, has announced the release of its new real-time transactional trading platform, Global Vision 8. It is a toolkit that allows the user or a third party (typically InterDealer Brokers or FX market operators) to adapt platforms to reflect changing market conditions and present clients with a front-end, customised to their business needs - in real time.Within Global Vision 8, users can create their own e-marketplace for trading any asset, simple or complex instrument; including FX, FX Forwards, Credit Derivatives, Commodities, Fixed income, Futures, Options, Spreads, Swaps, and equities. The benefits of this product include its rich functionality, easy customisation with a white-labelled interface tailored to exact client requirements, low cost and easy deployment onto clients existing desktop and server infrastructure....continued

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