e-FX : catering for the needs of a new generation of clients

6 leading FX providers tackle questions on this key topic

During the last year, we’ve consistently been reporting on rising e-volumes. How much would you attribute this to customers who are already using the e-channel increasing the proportion of trades they execute electronically as op-posed to the arrival of new clients adopting eFX?Severn: At Standard Chartered we’ve seen a combination of both. Our experience shows that existing customers are increasing their volumes across a range of e-channels and this is indicative both of an increase in the proportion of volume dealt online as well as rising absolute volumes. However, in addition to this, we have seen significant growth in the take-up of e-channels among new customers; as well as in new geographies as we have expanded our eBusiness footprint.Brittan: The growth in eFX is clearly fuelled by existing participants becoming more comfortable with transacting a larger percentage of their total business electronically and by new entrants to the marketplace. The latter include...continued

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