Andy Webb freelance journalist who regularly contributes to e-Forex.
Andy Webb freelance journalist who regularly contributes to e-Forex.

Is it time to raise your game?

Andy Webb writes about the advent of high quality minimal latency data feeds.

Considering the size and liquidity of the market, and the number of quantita-tive methods applied to it, it is perhaps ironic that FX has in some respects been rather imperfectly served in terms of raw data.Just as with any other market, foreign exchange is populated by individuals and or-ganisations looking for an edge. Whether they are trying to predict the direction of a currency pair, arbitrage its inefficiencies, or capture business for their FX e-commerce platform, all these entities are to some extent dependent upon market data.This data appetite has further expanded in recent years as interest in areas such as high frequency trading has grown.Yet, despite this demand, definitive real-time and historical data sources for FX have not always been readily available. For example, whilst very low latency real time information has obviously been visible through the trading interfaces of primary FX markets, until comparatively recently (with the launch of feeds such as EBS Live) it has not been readily...continued

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