Daniel Darst Executive Director at Saxo Bank
Daniel Darst Executive Director at Saxo Bank

Real-Time Position Management

Daniel Darst illustrates how serious trading demands efficient, real-time integration of risk, margin and account information.

The world is changing.For many, the world has already changed, long ago.While the idea of online, tradeable prices might seem like yesterday’s news for many of us, the concept of trading on a live price is only a recent swing up the path of modernity. The Internet continues to usher in a new dimension in serious trading. Transparency, clarity and rapid, real-time pricing establish a vivid new landscape for the serious foreign exchange trader. What you see is what you trade. Prices on the screen are prices you can use. This is a different world than that of earlier years when voice brokering and telephone-based ordering and confirmations were the standard.The Internet has brought real-time data to the desktop of traders from Moldavia to Portugal, from the US to London to Japan. And this is only the beginning. Following the travels of equity and futures markets from the last decade or so, the foreign exchange market is now deep in its embrace of the World Wide Web for the delivery,...continued

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