Smart Trade Technologies and QuickFIX partner to provide QuickFIX/J

Smart Trade Technologies and QuickFIX, the open source FIX engine, have announced their partnership to provide QuickFIX/J, a pure Java implementation of the QuickFIX engine. This new initiative allows a native integration of the QuickFIX engine with Java enterprise technologies. Smart Trade Technologies can now provide inside its smartTrade Trading Platform (STTP) an out-of-the-box enterprise class FIX connectivity extension. This partnership is part of the Smart Trade’s strategy to embrace the open source community and push for the next generation of trading technologies.“QuickFIX/J is a great opportunity for the FIX community,” said David VINCENT, CTO of Smart Trade Technologies. “We want to help building technologies around FIX and pushing for its adoption via the Open Source community”. The QuickFIX/J engine is currently under beta phase. Tests are being carried out with a major global investment bank....continued

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