Harry Gozlan CEO and Founder of SmartTrade Technologies.
Harry Gozlan CEO and Founder of SmartTrade Technologies.

Taking e-FX platforms forward

Harry Gozlan discusses the shortcomings of existing e-FX platforms and how they may develop and offer new capabilities.

The Foreign Exchange market has probably completed its first technological and business revolution. With a higher concentration of volumes in the hands of fewer players, electronic trading becoming widely adopted as the natural way to conduct transactions, the success of the CLS initiative, and a relatively stable and recognized number of specialized FX ECNs and Exchanges, the trading environment is drastically different from what it was a few years ago. Like many other industries, the post Internet-bubble expectations have been (partially) delivered, without the bubble anymore.As FX is the most universal “trading language” on the planet, thanks to the simplicity of the instruments involved (except for advanced options), it constantly attracts new players to the market, whether corporates or investors wishing to hedge their cur-rency exposures, traders taking advantage of the constant volatility and liquidity of the markets, or arbitrageurs. And in a similar way to the explosion...continued

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