Louise Westerlind
Louise Westerlind

Data Dusting; the need for better FX Data Management

Louise Westerlind looks at why the timing is now right for the FX market to clean up and better manage FX data.

In the trading world timing is almost everything. According to Louise Westerlind, analyst, Institutional Securities & Investments, Celent LLC, the timing is right for the FX market to clean up and better manage FX data.Foreign exchange trading has long been, and still is, the king product in the investment realm. In terms of cash value traded it is the largest market in the world, and volumes keep increasing. This is not new. FX has become more accepted as an asset class alternative to equity and fixed income. Neither is this new. What is new, on the other hand, is that FX market participants (both sell side and buy side) feel an urgent need to do some housecleaning to improve their current FX data management strategies.Increase in FX Market Volumes So what are the reasons behind the increase in the FX market volumes?Global FX community trading is approximately US$1.9 trillion* on a daily basis, and this is a hefty increase compared to the $1.2 trillion that was traded on a daily basis in 2001. Taking a more...continued

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