Stuart Crooks VP Foreign Exchange at FlexTrade
Stuart Crooks VP Foreign Exchange at FlexTrade

Fast Market conditions:

Letting your algorithms take control.

FX traders today are continually trying to manage flow from their customers under normal market conditions. We have seen many large banks, reverting away from the position taking of old to concentrate more on the management of risk that the various venues of liquidity provide. Mid tier and smaller broker dealers have also changed the way that they manage flow from their customers and how they access liquidity. To this extent many customers are looking towards ‘Algorithmic Trading’ software toolkits to customize the way they trade and to provide safety nets when the market swings around.From a sell side perspective, we are now seeing, an appetite to create trading safeguards across one or many trading books. The trading book information, position, pnl etc is stored in the institutions live risk management systems. Using a trading toolkit and the real time API’s, customers can feed information into the algorithmic toolkit, manage it and send back in real time,...continued

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