Alessandro Alinone CTO at Lightstreamer
Alessandro Alinone CTO at Lightstreamer

Managing FX market data - applying next generation technology

Next generation Push: a viable technology for web-based FX market data delivery

Currently, one of the most utilized buzzwords regarding Internet technology is “Web 2.0”, often associated with other new terms such as “Ajax” and “Comet”. The goal of this article is to show how the maturity of these technologies finally permits the push of live FX market data via the Internet to any browser with low latency and high reliability.The Web is changing under the pressure of its own success. In recent years more and more applications have been ported to a Web front-end, i.e. a “thin client” that runs entirely within a browser window without installing any external components. Until now the users have had to put up with poorer user interfaces, with respect to the ones offered by traditional desktop applications. The advent of Web 2.0, and Ajax in particular, is transforming the Web user’s experience to make it very similar to a desktop application (i.e. interactive...continued

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