New functionality planned for SGFXTrade

Launched a year ago, SGFXTrade, the 24/24 proprietary Forex and Money Markets e-trading platform from Societe Generale, has been meeting SG expectations by continuously increasing its number of clients and the amount traded on the platform. Clients can trade a large range of operations on Forex and Money Market such as spots, forwards, outrights, swaps, uneven swaps, loans and deposits.SGFXTrade is now targeting all type of investors on the international level. The most recent example is in Romania where SGFXTrade has created a “clone version” customized to the local clients: which has been a great success in this emerging market. SGFXTrade has proved to be flexible and reactive to its users requirements and SG has just increased the streaming period. Clients can now trade with more comfort and SG anticipates adding new functionalities such as block trades shortly....continued

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