Heather McLean
Heather McLean

Retail FX providers standing out from the crowd

Heather McLean talks to a selection of leading Retail FX brokers about their rapidly growing marketplace and the decision of several large banks to move into this space.

Retail FX trading providers are sitting on top of a rapidly growing marketplace that they have cultured and catered for over recent years. Yet just as these companies have started to enjoy the benefits of owning a burgeoning market, many banks have announced their decision to move in. To some, this is a move that will threaten those vendors that have been servicing the needs of this market till now, as they do not have the scale or collateral of the big banks. The leading retail FX trading providers however, are not worried.Banks coming into the sector are a positive sign for existing retail FX trading providers, Ted Frith, Director of Sales at GFT Global Markets UK Ltd., states. He says: “I view this as an enormous opportunity for us, as it signals that there is something really significant out there in the quantum shift of these retail markets, for these banks to want to get involved. Banks perceive there is money out there, and we find this reassuring as it supports our hypothesis in our...continued

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