Dr John Bates Vice President Apama Products, Progress Software
Dr John Bates Vice President Apama Products, Progress Software

The White Box approach : Algorithmic Trading for FX

Dr John Bates looks at the use of the white box approach for Algorithmic FX trading and how the race for supremacy in this new market will continue unabated.

In today’s hyper-competitive trading world, financial institutions feel the mounting need for technology that aids their unique trading style. The continually shifting competitive landscape means both buy- and sell-side firms need to adapt to the effects of change. Sell-side institutions are exploring ways to augment the talents of their traders and optimise their client services, while buy-side firms are persistent in their endeavour to control their trading strategies and to hide them from the competition. Algorithmic trading has played a significant part in this. During 2006, the benefits of algorithmic trading techniques have been seen in asset classes outside of equities and in particular, foreign exchange (FX). Technology firms have recently noted interesting advances in the FX space, with some currently reporting more enquiries in FX than any other asset class. Through the remainder of the year and into 2007, this trend will continue to gain momentum. Algorithmic trading in FX is still...continued

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