Reaching maturity: How much scope for future e-FX growth?

With Bjorn Lundvall, head of e-commerce at Handelsbanken Capital Markets, Ruth Mackaman, head of e-FX Marketing and Product Development at Brown Brothers Harriman, Tom Roche, Global head of FX e-commerce at Standard Chartered Bank, Matt Thomas, Head of Prime Solutions, North America at RBS Global Banking & Markets, Stephane Malrait, Head of e-commerce Europe and Asia, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking and Marco Pelizzoli, Head of FX Sales (Europe) Bank of America.

If recent levels of e-FX growth look set to continue are these likely to be driven by new investors treating FX as an asset class who will be placing pressure on providers to innovate and develop even more advanced e-trading and transaction analysis tools or will other factors such as the uptake and utilisation of the e-channel by traditional buy-side clients in key Emerging Markets become equally or possibly even more important? Lundvall: Looking at the FX market and the increase of the amount of business done through electronic platforms I believe it’s fair to say that the future growth will probably be driven by a combination of both new investors treating FX as an asset class and also by traditional buy-side clients in key Emerging Markets. Especially future deregulation among Emerging Markets countries will play an important roll and also have a positive effect on the e-FX growth. But again overall I believe both parties will play an important roll looking forward. Mackaman: Demands from...continued

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