SunGard launches next generation FX solution

At the ACI World Conference in May this year, SunGard launched its new generation FX and MM solution in Front Arena. Built on the pedigree of  high performance, feature rich, silo FX solutions, the new Front Arena solution provides richer workflow, wider instrument coverage and built-for-purpose risk reporting in SunGard’s flagship cross-asset trading software. “Our customers need to be able to capture the growing tide of FX transactions that are coming from automated or buy-side driven trading solutions,” says Tim Dodd, Head of Product Management, SunGard Front Arena. “Our new high-performance, scalable FX infrastructure allows integration with ECN and other transaction flows complementing our flexible, extensible, cross-asset trading infrastructure to meet expanding business needs.” This new software now provides a silo solution for FX and MM that surpasses anything SunGard has offered before. ...continued

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