Today's FX Market demands advanced technology

The forex market has been changing rapidly, with the emergence of FX as a legitimate asset class for financial investment and speculation, the rapid growth of electronic marketplaces, and more recently, the introduction of algorithmic trading. These trends have pushed the technology curve, demanding more sophisticated tools to optimize results.

A few key trends in the FX market are driving demand for new technology: Liquidity fragmentation among the different electronic trading platforms The increased use of automated trading for both investment strategies and execution strategies Speed - demand for higher transaction rates with low latency The market landscape is not static; it is evolving at a breathtaking pace. This demands technology that improves agility, and rules out technology that is “brittle”. Firms are adopting CEP Technology To respond to these challenges, firms are increasingly turning to Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology to build their trading systems.  Aleri CEP technology offers: Rapid Implementation and Deployment for Greater Agility: users report time to deploy new applications is, on average, 75% lower than building from scratch Reduced dependence on specialist programming resources: define your business logic using high level authoring tools; no need for multi-threaded network...continued

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