360T goes SuperSonic

360T continues to push the level of functionality with its latest one-click offering to spot traders. 360T’s “SuperSonic Trader” was launched a few weeks ago and has received an enormous response and adoption from dealers using the new functionality. The new product is not only an upgrade of the existing “SuperSonic” spot dealing service, but a complete redesign resulting in a completely new and cutting edge trading facility with respect to technology, functionality, liquidity and appearance.

Key factors are: · Combined liquidity of permanent steams and RFQ · Additional liquidity viaseveral liquidity bands from the providers · Extreme low latency messaging and execution technology · Visual presentation of market depth and liquidity · Intuitive usability 360T has strongly invested in creating a new tool for suiting the requirements and profile of professional traders. Its relationship-based, non-anonymous “Streaming Price Aggregator” model gives dealers the ability to build and monitor their own book of individual stream providers for each currency couple sorted by quality and size.  RFQ Boost In addition, 360T has combined the permanent streams with the RFQ trading functionality – a so-called “RFQ Boost”. The new ability of the Supersonic Trader, which is unique in the market, is therefore a combination of prices from “Executable Streaming Rates” and RFQ “Request For Quote Stream”...continued

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