A new addition to the stable - BT Back-Office from Boston Technologies

Boston Technologies (BT) is well known as the company that pioneered the MT4 Liquidity Bridge, which is a means of routing trades placed in the MetaTrader platform to an external liquidity provider, such as a large bank or brokerage.  While the Liquidity Bridge has evolved into a powerful execution and risk management tool – and it remains our flagship product - our sights have turned towards innovating in other areas where we feel trading institutions have been underserved.

Our newest products and services include a Start Your Own Brokerage turnkey solution, institutional-grade liquidity via BT Prime Brokerage, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting facility, a wide variety of plug-in enhancements for the MetaTrader server technology and our full-service outsourcing solution for large institutions.  The latest addition is the BT Back Office. The demand for a robust back-office solution is well-established but most brokerages depend on proprietary systems or third-party off-the shelf solutions.  None of these products have had the same level of success as the MT4 platform.  We have now counted 24 different companies making MT4 liquidity bridges and now we are looking ahead to pioneering a comprehensive solution that is designed to adapt to new innovation and enhance optimal performance. Explosive growth The quantity, complexity and importance of data, along with the explosive growth of the Forex industry, can be overwhelming. A broker’s...continued

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