Tim Haman
Tim Haman

Fair Trading Technology paving the way to a more transparent and secure FX trading environment

e-Forex talks to Tim Haman, CEO and Sven-Erick Carlsson, Marketing Director, at Fair Trading Technology (FTT), about the launch of the firm’s new T3 Execution Bridge.

Tim, why did  FTT set out to develop a 100% transparent MT4 to ECN trading solution? Fair Trading Technology originally set out to create a fair trading solution for ourselves. We wanted to be certain that our orders reached the market in a fair and open environment. Along the way we noticed that there was a great interest in what we were developing. The general consensus was that traders wanted the Metatrader platform, but like ourselves they wanted it to have a transparent connection to the ECN market. That’s why we decided to deliver all technology with transparency so that customers can verify all their transactions with their broker and know that our Metatrader solution is 100% clean from any manipulation or any other unethical behavior. Furthermore their were many other issues that needed to be solved with the Metatrader to work flawlessly with the ECN market. Linking Metatrader 4 to an ECN trading environment is not a new idea. What issues have prevented a satisfactory solution to this...continued

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