Frances Maguire
Frances Maguire

Superior Client Servicing: the key to meeting demand for FX Prime Brokerage

Now that dust from the financial crisis is beginning to settle, Frances Maguire explores how prime brokers are upping the ante on providing superior client servicing in order to fuel the next round of growth.

Few would disagree that FX prime brokerage is a technology game but as the market matures it is becoming harder to compete on technology alone so FX prime brokers are setting their sights on broadening their offering to include multi-asset class prime brokerage and differentiate themselves by offering superior client servicing.  The message coming from the regulators on both sides of the Atlantic is that clearing for over the counter (OTC) instruments is likely to be required. This has prompted an anticipated new round of growth as institutions look to bring listed and OTC products onto one platform, perhaps developing cross-asset capabilities in doing so. Different trends According to Gil Mandelzis, CEO of Traiana, there are different trends arising from the various client segments using FX prime brokers.  He says: “At the highest level of automation – the high frequency players and the retail brokers - the whole notion of being able to process tickets in real-time and the...continued

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