eToro - Spearheading the FX Social Trading revolution

e-Forex talks with Jonathan Assia, CEO of eToro

Jonathan, eToro has traditionally offered a powerful set of FX platforms and online trading tools. Why did you decide last year to launch your social investment network, OpenBook and what vision do you have for developing this service? eToro’s vision was always to make trading accessible to everyone. The trading platforms we’ve created simplify trading, providing traders with the necessary tools to effectively manage their assets for themselves. Our very first trading platform incorporated a social trading aspect: our popular chat tool. Traders from all over the world used it to exchange ideas and investment strategies. Ultimately, this led us to develop our ground breaking social trading platform, eToro OpenBook. We realized that in order to make trading more accessible we had to make it transparent, so that every trader could access the same information. That’s why we provide the means for everyone in the network to see every trade that’s made; in order to form better and more...continued

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