Roger Aitken
Roger Aitken

Integrating CEP technology as a core component of real-time FX trading architectures.

Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology continues to fan out further and faster across the FX market moving beyond the algorithmic trading arena into new areas. Roger Aitken examines the landscape and canvasses some leading vendors.

The adoption of Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology by capital market firms in the FX space and elsewhere across the asset class spectrum continues to display little sign of waning and is being viewed increasingly as a key component of FX trading and associated architectures. The application of the technology is also going beyond what was initially intended creating what might be described as the second generation phase of CEP. While first generation CEP tools concentrated on specific high correlation functions like algorithmic trading, second CEP generation is much more about meeting an umbrella of requirements across firms - spanning front, middle and back-office activities.  It is an emerging network technology that creates actionable, situational knowledge from distributed message-based systems, databases and applications in real time or as near real time. It consists of processing many events that occur across all the layers of an organisation - financial or otherwise. This processing...continued

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