Leverate - offering turnkey solutions for Institutional clients

Leverate has been recognized as one of the leading IT Solutions providers at the forefront of the Forex industry. The company provides turnkey trading technology solutions and offers a complete suite of products and services for financial institutions and brokers.

Leverate’s institutional clients benefit from the essential technology and services necessary in order to smoothly run a leading online Forex and CFDs trading operation. Financial institutions require a trustworthy partner with a flexible solution for them to be able to integrate an online trading environment to their existing systems.  Establishing an institutional relationship with Leverate facilitates access to first-rate technology, top-tier liquidity and unsurpassed services.  A collaborative approach to business relationships means that partners benefit from the dedication and innovation that have gone into making Leverate the leader in the market. 

Leverate’s institutional offering includes:

•  Competitive pricing and fast execution
•  Superior liquidity from numerous top tier providers
•  Ability to run the risk in-house 
•  Three trading platforms accessible through one single account
•  Leverate Live Feed with arbitrage-free and spike-free rates of Forex, CFDs, Indices, Commodities, Bonds, Stocks and Futures.
•  Leverate Risk Management Platform to manage exposure 
•  24/6 multi-lingual customer support  
•  Leverate’s hosted servers 

Leverate - offering turnkey solutions for Institutional clients

Main Systems for Institutional Clients

Leverate offers state-of-the-art trading technology and platforms that give institutional clients the possibility to offer access to the global financial markets wherever and whenever.  Through Leverate Central, clients can provide Leverate’s Private Label to brokers and institutional investors. The solution offers trading platforms - MT4, Web Trader and Mobile Trader – that allow for multiple trading accounts with various hedging strategies per group to monitor risk in real-time.  Institutional investors and traders have the ability to access their trading account across all platforms with a single username, password and shared wallet.

Leverate Central

Designed for financial institutions, brokers and banks, Leverate Central encompasses all of Leverate’s solutions in a single product. The unique combination of capabilities provided by this solution empowers each Leverate Central partner to become a Prime broker. Backed by Leverate’s unsurpassed liquidity, each Leverate Central partner can manage the funds and exposure opposite each liquidity source. 

With Leverate Central, each partner can offer fully integrated services and products to brokers and institutional traders, including Private Label solutions, integrated MT4, Web Trader and Mobile Trader platforms, risk management solutions offering virtual and/or actual execution, live rate feed, and much more.  Institutional clients can also offer these solutions to retail brokers and can manage each of its brokers separately, determining the rights and/or liquidity that should be available to each individual broker and/or institutional investor. 


Leverate also provides a comprehensive back-office Reporting Interface.  Developed in-house and is easily customized to match the needs of institutional clients, the Reporting Interface allows institutional clients to monitor and manage their traders’ activities. A wide array of reporting functions are available, such as Trades Log, Monthly Summary, Group Daily Summary and Instrument Summary, and customized reports are also available per each client’s requirements. The Reporting Interface is entirely web-based, permitting the access of reports 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. 

Leverate - offering turnkey solutions for Institutional clients


The Leverate Client Relationship Manager (CRM) System is the most comprehensive tool for handling the everyday tasks of a Forex brokerage, such as managing leads, trader accounts and affiliates. Leverate’s CRM is directly integrated with the MT4 and the brokerage website, making it possible to compile data from both sources and manage daily business in the most proficient manner. This integration also provides institutional investors with a variety of front end capabilities, such as accessing their trading history and updating their user profile. The Leverate CRM System includes an affiliate management tool, which allows brokers to manage marketing campaigns by providing the ability to track sources, commissions and conversion ratios.  A mass email system is also a component of the CRM, permitting open communication between the institutions’ internal staff and their investors, as well automated messaging functionality, facilitating the increase of conversions and trading volume.  


Leverate offers access its own in-house API solution, routing traffic to and from Leverate’s server fully encrypted and secured (SSL certified).  The trading interfaces provide actively managed, full-service functionality to API clients and indirect clients.  Leverate’s API solutions are consumable by any major development environment (Java, .NET, PHP, C++, Ruby).  They are standard and interoperable, relying on the industry standard SOAP-based WS-HTTP specification, and new versions are released regularly, giving clients access to more knowledge and analyses of their activity and business performance.  Leverate employs full-time integration teams solely dedicated to developing and managing API business.  The integration teams are available to ease the on-boarding process of any new client and to find custom solutions for existing business and partners.  

For more information regarding Leverate’s Institutional Offering, please contact 
sales@leverate.com or visit www.leverate.com